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A recent re-evaluation of this variety using high magnification photos and computer generated overlays of an EDS specimen revealed that at best this variety was the upper loop of an inverted S punch. While it is possible, it does not appear to be probable. I think to posit a partial inverted S punch as the best explanation of the anomaly stretches the bounds of credulity. In addition, the evidence from the anomaly itself leans against it, so it has been pulled from the CONECA Master Listing of RPMs. The collector is urged to consider the evidence for himself.

  1. The upper line is easily seen as the intersection of two die scratches. It addition to not being strong enough to be from a punch, it is not in the right position for the size of S punch available, therefore its significance must be summarily dismissed.

  2. The character of the remaining two lines is not what is expected. I would expect to see a smooth and rounded image from a punch. What is seen is rough and angled.

  3. The middle line has a dot to the east, which is out of context for an S punch.

  4. The middle line is stronger than the lower suggesting that the punch was level. If it was level, then the upper line should be as strong as the lower and it obviously is not.

  5. If the punch was not level then I would expect the lower to be stronger than the middle and this does not appear to be the case.

Stage A Photos
Date and Mintmark Mintmark Positioning Magnified Die Damage
Die Scratch in front of Forehead No Die Scratch Southeast from E of EPU UN of UNITED
No Die Scratch across Left Wheat Lines    
Stage B Photos
Date and Mintmark Mintmark Positioning Magnified Die Damage
Die Scratch across Left Wheat Lines Die Scratch across Left Wheat Lines
Die Stage and Markers Chart
Die Stages and Markers
UVC-1042 DMR-017 Stage A: Die scratch from front hair curl to forehead – EDS
Strong but short die scratch Northeast from upper Left left of U of UNITED – EDS
Stage B: Obverse is EMDS
Die gouge across Left wheat lines to N of UNITED – MDS
Lighter die gouge from E of EPU to E of CENT
Stage C: LDS (unconfirmed)

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