The Lincoln Cent
RPM Book
 Vol. 2: 1959-1989


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Jan. 2016

by James Wiles, Ph.D.


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here are many ways to collect Lincoln Cent RPMs.  You can collect one a year, one a year/mint, one a decade, one a decade/mint, a particular decade, a particular mint, a special year, by die state,  by die marriage, or the "old fashion way" one of everything.  We encourage you to select subgroups to concentrate on.  By focusing on smaller units, it will not be long before you are well on your way to completing The Lincoln Cent RPM Book: 3rd Edition RPM collection.  To help you in keeping track of your collection we have added these handy checklists.


Master Checklist of Lincoln Cent RPMs


Master Checklist of Lincoln Cent OMMs





There are lots of subgroups you can assemble. 

In time you too can have a Lincoln Cent RPM collection that rivals the best.



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