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The Overlapping OMMs

         There are several known OMMs where the underlying original mintmark was for one mint and the primary mintmark was for a different mint.
Below are those currently listed in the CONECA RPM files.




1944-D/S 1c OMM-001
1944-D/S 1c OMM-002
1946-S/D 1c OMM-001
1951-D/S 1c OMM-001
1951-D/S  1c OMM-002
1952-D/S 1c OMM-001
1938-D/S 5c OMM-001
1938-D/S 5c OMM-002
1938-D/S 5c OMM-003
1938-D/S 5c OMM-004
1938-D/S 5c OMM-005
1949-D/S 5c OMM-001
1954-S/D 5c OMM-001
1955-D/S 5c OMM-001
1955-D/S 5c OMM-002
1955-D/S 5c OMM-003
1955-D/S 5c OMM-004
1955-D/S 5c OMM-005
1955-D/S 5c OMM-006
1955-D/S 5c OMM-007
1955-D/S 5c OMM-008
1955-D/S 5c OMM-009
1955-D/S 5c OMM-010
1955-D/S 5c OMM-011
1947-S/D 10c OMM-001
1947-S/D 10c OMM-002
1950-D/S 25c OMM-001
1950-S/D 25c OMM-001
1953-D/S 25c OMM-001
1875-S/CC $1 OMM-001
1882-O/S $1 OMM-001
1882-O/S $1 OMM-002
1882-O/S $1 OMM-003
1900-O/CC $1 OMM-001
1900-O/CC $1 OMM-002
1900-O/CC $1 OMM-003
1900-O/CC $1 OMM-004
1900-O/CC $1 OMM-005


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