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     You may have been collecting coins since Wheat cents and Buffalo nickels were the coin of the realm or you might be new to the hobby and seeking some direction in setting your goals.  No matter how long or serious your involvement in the hobby, why not consider joining and becoming an active member of what is sometimes called a specialty coin club?

     What is that? you say? Well, very simply, a specialty club is an organization composed of dedicated, knowledgeable collectors (and dealers) who share a common interest in a specific area of numismatics and who enjoy sharing their knowledge with other members.  Many of these clubs have members from around the country (or even the world).  Usually the group keeps in touch by publishing a newsletter or journal or a regular basis, keeping members informed of new discoveries, excellent research articles, and providing news from and about members.  Often the club holds regularly scheduled meetings at one or more major coin conventions, such as the anniversary show conducted by the American Numismatic Association each summer.

      Joining a specialty club is a tremendous way to increase your know-how in a given area and have a lot of fun at the same time.  Beside the fellowship involved, you will broaden the scope of your numismatic expertise to whatever extent you wish it's all up to you.  The main thing you will learn is that like any hobby should be, it's fun!  Take it from me, I've been there, done that.


Barber Coin Collectors Society, www.barbercoins.org

Bust Half Nut Club, www.busthalfprices.com

CONECA (Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America), www.conecaonline.org

Copper Coins, www.coppercoins.com

Early American Coppers, www.eacs.org

Fly-In Club (Flying Eagle & Indian Cent Collectors), www.fly-inclub.org

John Reich Collectors Society (Bust Coinage), www.jrcs.org

Liberty Nickel Collector Society, www.libertynickels.org

Liberty Seated Collectors Club, www.numismalink.com/lscc.html

Lincoln Cent Resource Community, www.lincolncentresource.net

The National Collectors Association of Die Doubling www.ncadd98.org

Seated Dime Varieties, www.seateddimevarieties.com.

Shield Nickel Varieties, www.shieldnickels.net

Society of Lincoln Cent Collectors, www.lincolncentsociety,com

Society of Silver Dollar Collectors, www.vamworld.com

Variety Vista (home to the CONECA Master Listing), www.varietyvista.com


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