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CONECA Master Listings.

 by James Wiles, Ph.D.

CONECA Master Listing

19th Century Varieties

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ONECA is the national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors.  CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers - just to name a few.  CONECA publishes an educational magazine, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly.  Visit the CONECA web site at


he CONECA die varieties numbering system is proprietary to the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America and is used under license issued by CONECA.

Lincoln Cent

RDV Lincoln Cent Memorial Reverse Designs
RED Lincoln Cent Re-Engraved Dies
Doubled Die Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1909-1929
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1930-1936
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1937-1939
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1940-1942
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1943
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1944
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1945-1946
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1947-1949
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1950-1955
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1956-1958
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1959-1960
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1961-1962
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1963
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1964
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1965-1969
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1970-1979
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1980-1996
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 1997-2003
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 2004-2005
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 2006-2008
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 2009 Early Childhood
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 2009 Formative Years
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 2009 Presidential Years
  Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies 2010-2014


Lincoln Cent RPMs 1909-1919


Lincoln Cent RPMs 1920-1929


Lincoln Cent RPMs 1930-1939

  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1940-1941
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1942-1943
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1944
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1945
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1946
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1947-1949
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1950-1951
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1952
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1953
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1954-1955
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1956-1957
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1958-1959
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1960 RPMs 1-60
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1960 RPMs 61-113
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1961 RPMs 1-40
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1961 RPMs 41-71
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1962-1963
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1964-1969
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1970-1979
  Lincoln Cent RPMs 1980-1989
IMM Lincoln Cent Inverted Mintmarks

Buffalo Nickels

Doubled Die Buffalo Nickel Doubled Dies
RPM Buffalo Nickel RPMs

Jefferson Nickels

RED Jefferson Nickel Re-Engraved Dies
Doubled Die Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1938-1941
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1942-1943
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1944-1945
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1946-1954
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1955-1959
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1960-1961
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1962
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1963
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1964
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1967-1969
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1970-1996
  Jefferson Nickel Doubled Dies 1997-2011
MMS Jefferson Nickel 1941-S Mintmarks by Die
RPM Jefferson Nickel RPMs 1939-1942
  Jefferson Nickel RPMs 1943
  Jefferson Nickel RPMs 1944
  Jefferson Nickel RPMs 1945
  Jefferson Nickel RPMs 1946-1955
  Jefferson Nickel RPMs 1956-1984

Mercury Dimes

Doubled Die Mercury Dime Doubled Dies
MMS Mercury Dime Mintmark Styles
RPM Mercury Dime RPMs

Roosevelt Dimes

RDV Roosevelt Dime Reverse Designs by Die
Doubled Die Roosevelt Dime Doubled Dies 1946
  Roosevelt Dime Doubled Dies 1947-1962
  Roosevelt Dime Doubled Dies 1963-1996
RPM Roosevelt Dime RPMs 1946-1951
  Roosevelt Dime RPMs 1952-1988

Standing Liberty Quarters

Doubled Die Standing Liberty Quarter Doubled Dies
RPM Standing Liberty Quarter RPMs

Washington Quarters

RED Washington Quarter Re-Engraved Dies
RDV Washington Quarter Reverse Designs by Die
Doubled Die Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1932-1936
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1937-1939
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1940
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1941
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1942
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1943
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1944
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1945
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1946
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1947-1950
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1951-1959
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1960-1962
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1963-1964
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1965-1998
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 1999-2004
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 2005
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 2006-2013
  Washington Quarter Doubled Dies 2014-2016
MMS Washington Quarter Mintmark Styles by Die
RPM Washington Quarter RPMs 1932-1949
  Washington Quarter RPMs 1950-1989
IMM Washington Quarter Inverted Mintmarks

Liberty Walking Half Dollars

Doubled Die Liberty Walking Half Doubled Dies
RPM Liberty Walking Half RPMs

Franklin Half Dollars

Doubled Die Franklin Half Doubled Dies 1948-1956
  Franklin Half Doubled Dies 1957-1963
RPM Franklin Half RPMs

Kennedy Half Dollars

Doubled Dies Kennedy Half Doubled Dies 1964
  Kennedy Half Doubled Dies 1965-1966
  Kennedy Half Doubled Dies 1967-1970
  Kennedy Half Doubled Dies 1971-1994
RPM Kennedy Half RPMs
IMM Kennedy Half Inverted Mintmarks

Eisenhower Dollars

ODV Eisenhower Dollar Obverse Designs by Die
RDV Eisenhower Dollar Reverse Designs by Die
Doubled Die Eisenhower Dollar Doubled Dies
RPM Eisenhower Dollar RPMs

Susan B. Anthony Dollars

Doubled Die SBA Dollar Doubled Dies

Sacajawea Dollars

Doubled Die SAC Dollar Doubled Dies

Presidential Dollars

Doubled Die Presidential Dollar Doubled Dies

Classic Commemoratives

Doubled Die Classic Commemorative Doubled Dies
RPM Classic Commemorative RPMs

Modern Commemoratives

Doubled Die Modern Commemorative Doubled Dies

Silver Bullion

Doubled Die Silver Bullion Doubled Dies

Gold Bullion

Doubled Die Gold Bullion Doubled Dies


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These variety master listings are offered as a work in progress.  They should not be considered as permanent listings unless they have had prior publication with an accompanying photo for identification. 

Furthermore population numbers represent only the coins that I have seen, thus they should be considered as minimum known rather than maximum known.



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