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The Lincoln Cent RPM Book, Vol. 1: (1909-1958), 3rd Ed.


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 by James Wiles, Ph.D.


Contains the same high quality photos, along with the look and feel of this website.

717 Pages

All 647 Wheat Cent RPMs in the CONECA files

6500+ coin photos

Including marker photos for 1331 die stages

55,500+ hyperlinks

You can get to any page in 3-4 clicks

Population and Pricing Guide included

If you can use a browser, you can read this book.

The CD is housed in a DVD style case

Copyright, 2010

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This new E-Book takes RPM collecting to the next level.  Now for the first time you will find photos of all the die markers for a given variety.  And not just the die markers for one stage, but for every stage, with only a few exceptions.  Ninety-eight percent of all the photos have been retaken using high quality, high magnification, full color, digital images.  That is 6500+ images, more than 4 times that of any other book

Utilizing a common advertising slogan, "This is not your father's RPM Book."  It is bigger.  Its better.  Its easier to use.  And it will make attributing your RPMs an incredible joy.  It has all 647 Wheat Cent RPMs listed in the CONECA files in 1331 die stages.  It includes the latest population and pricing guide as well. 

I have been using the beta versions for almost a year.  I haven't referred to my print book in months and I only refer to my reference collection when I need to confirm new stages.  It is what I use to attribute RPMs and now its available to you

And "The price?" you ask.  Well I could easily justify charging $150+, after all it is 4 times the size of any other RPM book.  But, its still just $30 + $4 shipping and handling.  At that price why not buy two, one for you and one for a friend.


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