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The Book Store Last Update:   09/18/2018

 by James Wiles, Ph.D.

Used Numismatic Books
Title Author Copyright Price Comments
Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks Kevin Flynn, John Wexler 2003 $10.00 like new, paperback
Off-Center and Multi-Denominational Clashed Dies Kevin Flynn 2013 $10.00 like new, paperback
Authoritative Reference on Eisenhower Dollars, 1st edition John Wexler, Bill Crawford, Kevin Flynn 1998 $10.00 like new, paperback
Authoritative Reference of Roosevelt Dimes, 1st edition Kevin Flynn 2001 $10.00 like new, paperback
The Jefferson Nickel RPM Book & Update (2001-2002) James Wiles 2000, 2003 $15.00 torn cover, spiral bound
The 8-TF Attribution Wizard ver. 1.0 CD Society of Silver Dollars 1999 $3.00 CD
Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys (CD Edition) Michael Fey 1996 $3.00 CD
Strike It Rich with Pocket Change, 2nd edition Brian Allen, Ken Potter 2009 $3.00 CD, in shrink wrap
Encyclopedia of Morgan & Peace Dollars, 3rd edition Leroy Van Allen & A. George Mallis 1991, DLRC $40.00 like new, torn dust jacket
Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties, 4th ed., vol. 1 Bill Fivaz, JT Stanton 2000 $10.00 some notes, spiral bound
Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties, 5th ed., vol. 2 Bill Fivaz, JT Stanton 2012 $15.00 New, spiral bound
Errorscope Vol. 25 & 26 complete in 12 issues CONECA Journal 2016-17 $20.00 like new
Modern Minting Process & U.S. Minting Errors and Varieties, ANA Correspondence course, 2nd edition James Wiles 2011 $20.00 New


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