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What Are Die Varieties?


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 by James Wiles, Ph.D.


Contains the same high quality photos, along with the look and feel of this website.

469 Pages

404 Varieties

6000+ coin photos

Including marker photos for each variety

35,000+ hyperlinks

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Population and Pricing Guide included

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The CD is housed in a DVD style case

Copyright, 2011

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How long have you been waiting, longing, for a simple, yet elegant way to explain die varieties? Your wait is over. This new E-Book by Dr. James Wiles provides a clear explanation of die varieties, including their definitions, classifications, history, and pricing schemes. Over 6000 photos tell the story, making this E-Book the most comprehensive work on die varieties to date.

What will you find in the What Are Die Varieties? E-book?

  • An overview of the entire die variety field, including design changes, mintmark styles, doubled dies, and repunched mintmarks. Such a complete work has never before been available to collectors.

  • Exhaustive lists of many known die variety categories, such as over-mintmarks, inverted RPMs, Class III doubled dies, and many more. Each variety is not only listed, but is given detailed photographic coverage.

  • All known U.S. mint set varieties. This feature is sure to be popular with collectors because nowhere else can you find such a thorough, comprehensive list. Each mint set variety has been meticulously photographed to reveal every detail.

  • A cherrypicker's playbook. In other words, all the categories to look for and many of the most significant twentieth century varieties are included. With 6000+ photographs and 400+ varieties, there is something here for every collector!

  • A complete and easily referenced introduction to all of the Variety Vista die variety attribution guides. Thus if you want an overview of the field, this is the place to start. Or if you need to brush up on the technical language or refresh your mind on the minting process, it is all here ready for your review.

If you have friends, colleagues, even customers who want to learn about die varieties, What Are Die Varieties? will get them started and will continue to educate them as they grow in the hobby. We have taken the breadth of an overview and added the depth of research to produce a must have volume. You will find many extensive lists, most exhaustive, and all fully illustrated. You will find new varieties never before published as well as fresh presentations of your old favorites. There is something here for everyone. No matter what your level of expertise, you will find yourself referring back to this book over and over.

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