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Doubled Die Book
Vol. 2: 1960-2003
DDO Listings
Published: January 2016 by James Wiles, Ph.D.

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DDO Listings

DDR Listings

About the Author
The CONECA die varieties numbering system is proprietary to the
Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America
and is used under license issued by CONECA.

Select the date and mint of your choice.

Philadelphia Denver San Francisco

1960 1960-D
1961 1961-D
1962 1962-D
1963 1963-D
1964 1964-D
1968-D 1968-S
1969-D 1969-S

1970 1970-D 1970-S
1971 1971-D 1971-S
1972 1972-D 1972-S
1973 1973-D 1973-S
1974 1974-D 1974-S
1975 1975-D 1975-S
1976 1976-D 1976-S
1977 1977-D 1977-S
1978 1978-D 1978-S
1979 1979-D 1979-S

1980-P 1980-D 1980-S
1981-P 1981-D 1981-S
1982-P 1982-D 1982-S
1983-P 1983-D 1983-S
1984-P 1984-D 1984-S
1985-P 1985-D 1985-S
1986-P 1986-D 1986-S
1987-P 1987-D 1987-S
1988-P 1988-D 1988-S
1989-P 1989-D 1989-S

1990-P 1990-D 1990-S
1991-P 1991-D 1991-S
1992-P 1992-D 1992-S
1993-P 1993-D 1993-S
1994-P 1994-D 1994-S
1995-P 1995-D 1995-S
1996-P 1996-D 1996-S
1997-P 1997-D 1997-S
1998-P 1998-D 1998-S
1999-P 1999-D 1999-S

2000-P 2000-D 2000-S
2001-P 2001-D 2001-S
2002-P 2002-D 2002-S
2003-P 2003-D 2003-S

If you think you have an unlisted doubled die or an unpictured stage of a doubled die,
I would love the opportunity to examine the coin and photograph it for inclusion in the next edition.
Please send an email for instructions on how to have your coin attributed.

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