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1889 $1G DDR-001, 1-R-II-C


19th Century Varieties  

 by James Wiles, Ph.D.

  Die Stage and Markers  

Description: Medium spread on bottom of wreath.
Reported by: Basil Lepeniotis


Stage A Photos
Wide View of Left Wreath Lower Wreath Wide View of Right Wreath
Close-up of Left Ribbon End Close up of Ribbon Bow Close-up of Right Ribbon End
Magnified View of Left Bow   Magnified View of Right Bow
Magnified View of Left Ribbon   Magnified View of Right Ribbon
Die Stage and Markers Chart

Die Stages and Markers

    Stage A:

Reverse and Obverse are EDS

    Stage B: MDS (unconfirmed)
    Stage C: LDS (unconfirmed)


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