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19th Century & Misc. Die Varieties



 by James Wiles, Ph.D.

CONECA Master Listing

19th Century Varieties

News and Studies


1887 5c DDR-003


Half Dime

1853-O 1/2 Dime RPM-001



1838-O 10c RPM-001

1839-O 10c RPM-001

1875-CC 10c RPM-001

1887-S 10c RPM-001

1887-S 10c RPM-002

1888-S 10c RPM-001

1890-S 10c RPM-002

1891-O 10c RPM-002

1891-S 10c RPM-001

1892-O 10c RPM-001

1892-O 10c RPM-002

1893-S 10c RPM-001

1899-O 10c RPM-001

1901-O 10c RPM-001

1906-D 10c RPM-001


1907-D 10c RPM-001

1907-S 10c RPM-001

1911-D 10c RPM-001

1911-D 10c RPM-002

1911-D 10c RPM-003

1912-D 10c RPM-001

1912-D 10c RPM-002

1912-S 10c RPM-001

1914-D 10c RPM-001

1914-D 10c RPM-002

1914-D 10c RPM-003

1914-D 10c RPM-004

1914-D 10c RPM-005

1914-D 10c RPM-006

1914-D 10c RPM-007

1915-S 10c RPM-001

Twenty Cents

1875-S 20c RPM-001



1856-S 25c RPM-001

1876-CC 25c RPM-001

1877-S 25c RPM-001

1892-O 25c RPM-001

1892-S 25c RPM-001

1893-O 25c RPM-001

1893-O 25c RPM-002

1893-S 25c RPM-001

1895-S 25c RPM-001

1898-S 25c RPM-001

1898-S 25c RPM-002

1908-D 25c RPM-001

1909-D 25c RPM-001

1911-S 25c RPM-001

1915-S 25c RPM-001

1916-D 25c RPM-001

1916-D 25c RPM-002

1916-D 25c RPM-003




1839-O 50c RPM-001

1855-O 50c RPM-001

1876-S 50c RPM-001

1877-S 50c RPM-002

1907-S 50c RPM-001


Silver Dollars

1875-S/CC $1 OMM-001

1878-CC $1 RPM-001

1879-O $1 RPM-001

1879-S $1 RPM-001 = VAM 12

1879-S $1 RPM-002

1879-S $1 RPM-003

1879-S $1 RPM-004

1880-O $1 RPM-001

1880-S $1 RPM-001

1880-S $1 RPM-002

1880-S $1 RPM-004

1881-O $1 RPM-003

1881-O $1 RPM-006

1881-S $1 RPM-001 = VAM 6

1881-S $1 RPM-002

1881-S $1 RPM-003

1881-S $1 RPM-006 = VAM 15

1881-S $1 RPM-008

1881-S $1 RPM-010

1881-S $1 RPM-011

1882-O $1 RPM-001

1882-O $1 RPM-004

1882-O/S $1 OMM-001 = VAM 3

1882-O/S $1 OMM-002 = VAM 4

1882-O/S $1 OMM-003 = VAM 5

1882-S $1 RPM-001

1883-CC $1 RPM-001

1883-CC $1 RPM-002

1883-O $1 RPM-001

1883-O $1 RPM-002 = VAM 2

1883-O $1 RPM-003

1884-CC $1 RPM-002

1884-CC $1 RPM-003

1884-O $1 RPM-001

1884-O $1 RPM-002

1884-O $1 RPM-003

1884-O $1 RPM-004

1884-O $1 RPM-005 = VAM 10

1884-O $1 RPM-007 = VAM 13

1884-O $1 RPM-008 = VAM 14

1884-O $1 RPM-009 = VAM 15

1884-O $1 RPM-011 = VAM 21

1884-O $1 RPM-014

1885-S $1 RPM-001

1886-S $1 RPM-001

1887-S $1 RPM-001 = VAM 2

1892-CC $1 RPM-001

1898-S $1 RPM-003

1900-O $1 OMM-001 = VAM 7, 10

1900-O $1 OMM-002 = VAM 8

1900-O $1 OMM-004 = VAM 11

1900-O $1 OMM-005 = VAM 12

1902-O $1 RPM-001 = VAM 8

1904-O $1 RPM-001

 1$ Gold

1856-S $1G RPM-001

1889 $1G DDR-001

5$ Gold

1846-D $5G RPM-001

1848-D $5G RPM-001

1886-S $5G RPM-001

1894-S $5G RPM-001

1901-S $5G RPM-001

1901-S $5G RPM-002

1905-S $5G RPM-001

1911-S $5G RPM-001 

10$ Gold

1889-S $10G RPM-001 & DDR-001

1891-CC $10G RPM-001

1909-S $10G RPM-001

1910-S $10G RPM-001

20$ Gold

1891-S $20G RPM-001

1911-D $20G RPM-001

Commemorative Halves

1915-S Pan Pac 50c RPM-001

1915-S Pan Pac 50c RPM-002

1934-D Oregon Trail DDR-001

1936-D Arkansas DDR-001 & RPM-001

1936-D San Diego DDO-001 & RPM-001

1938-D Oregon RPM-001

1938-D Texas RPM-001

1952-D Washington-Carver RPM-001

Commemorative Dollars

2004-P Lewis & Clark $1 DDR-001

2019-P Apollo 11 $1 DDO-001 (Business Strike)
  2019-P Apollo 11 $1 DDO-002 (Proof)
Commemorative Gold

1915-S Pan Pac $1G RPM-001

1984-W $10G DDO-001
Gold Bullion

1986 $50G AGE DDR-001

Silver Bullion

1992-S $1 ASE DDR-001

2011 $1 ASE DDO-001
Mint Medals

George Washington

Benjamin Harrison

Millard Fillmore

Warren Harding

John Tyler


U.S. Territorial Issues
Australia 3 Pence 1942-D RPM-001
    1942-S RPM-001
    1943-D RPM-001
    1943-D RPM-002
Australia 6 Pence 1942-D RPM-001
    1942-D RPM-002
    1942-D RPM-003
    1942-D RPM-004
    1942-S RPM-001
    1943-D RPM-001
    1943-D RPM-002
    1943-D RPM-003
    1943-D RPM-004
    1943-S RPM-001
Australia Shilling 1943-S RPM-001
    1943-S RPM-002
Curacao 1/10 Gulden 1944-D RPM-001
Philippines 1 Centavo 1908-S RPM-001
    1908-S RPM-002
    1911-S RPM-001
  10 Centavo 1917-S RPM-001
    1944-D RPM-001
    1944-D RPM-002
    1944-D RPM-003
    1944-D RPM-004
    1944-D RPM-005
    1944-D RPM-006
    1944-D RPM-007
    1945-D RPM-001
    1945-D RPM-002
    1945-D RPM-003
  20 Centavo 1913-S RPM-001
    1944-D RPM-001
    1945-D RPM-001
    1945-D RPM-002
    1944-D/S OMM-001
    1944-D/S OMM-002
    1944-D/S OMM-003
    1944-D/S OMM-004
  50 Centavo 1945-S RPM-001
    1918-S IMM-001

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