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19th Century & Misc. Varieties
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19th Century & Misc.

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1908-S 1c RPM-001 1908-S 1c RPM-002

1887 5c DDR-003

Half Dime
1853-O 1/2 Dime RPM-001

1838-O 10c RPM-001

1839-O 10c RPM-001

1875-CC 10c RPM-001

1887-S 10c RPM-001

1887-S 10c RPM-002

1888-S 10c RPM-001

1890-S 10c RPM-002

1891-O 10c RPM-002

1891-S 10c RPM-001

1892-O 10c RPM-001

1892-O 10c RPM-002

1893-S 10c RPM-001

1899-O 10c RPM-001

1901-O 10c RPM-001

1905-S 10c RPM-001

1906-D 10c RPM-001
1907-D 10c RPM-001

1907-S 10c RPM-001

1911-D 10c RPM-001

1911-D 10c RPM-002

1911-D 10c RPM-003

1912-D 10c RPM-001

1912-D 10c RPM-002

1912-S 10c RPM-001

1914-D 10c RPM-001

1914-D 10c RPM-002

1914-D 10c RPM-003

1914-D 10c RPM-004

1914-D 10c RPM-005

1914-D 10c RPM-006

1914-D 10c RPM-007

1915-S 10c RPM-001

Twenty Cents
1875-S 20c RPM-001

1856-S 25c RPM-001

1876-CC 25c RPM-001

1877-S 25c RPM-001

1892-O 25c RPM-001

1892-S 25c RPM-001

1893-O 25c RPM-001

1893-O 25c RPM-002

1893-S 25c RPM-001

1895-S 25c RPM-001
1898-S 25c RPM-001

1898-S 25c RPM-002

1908-D 25c RPM-001

1909-D 25c RPM-001

1911-S 25c RPM-001

1915-S 25c RPM-001

1916-D 25c RPM-001

1916-D 25c RPM-002

1916-D 25c RPM-003

1839-O 50c RPM-001

1855-O 50c RPM-001

1876-S 50c RPM-001
1877-S 50c RPM-002

1907-S 50c RPM-001

Silver Dollars
1875-S/CC $1 OMM-001

1878-CC $1 RPM-001

1879-O $1 RPM-001

1879-S $1 RPM-001 = VAM 12

1879-S $1 RPM-002

1879-S $1 RPM-003

1879-S $1 RPM-004

1880-O $1 RPM-001

1880-S $1 RPM-001

1880-S $1 RPM-002

1880-S $1 RPM-004

1881-O $1 RPM-003

1881-O $1 RPM-006

1881-S $1 RPM-001 = VAM 6

1881-S $1 RPM-002

1881-S $1 RPM-003

1881-S $1 RPM-006 = VAM 15

1881-S $1 RPM-008

1881-S $1 RPM-010

1881-S $1 RPM-011

1882-O $1 RPM-001

1882-O $1 RPM-004

1882-O/S $1 OMM-001 = VAM 3

1882-O/S $1 OMM-002 = VAM 4

1882-O/S $1 OMM-003 = VAM 5

1882-S $1 RPM-001

1883-CC $1 RPM-001
1883-CC $1 RPM-002

1883-O $1 RPM-001

1883-O $1 RPM-002 = VAM 2

1883-O $1 RPM-003

1884-CC $1 RPM-002

1884-CC $1 RPM-003

1884-O $1 RPM-001

1884-O $1 RPM-002

1884-O $1 RPM-003

1884-O $1 RPM-004

1884-O $1 RPM-005 = VAM 10

1884-O $1 RPM-007 = VAM 13

1884-O $1 RPM-008 = VAM 14

1884-O $1 RPM-009 = VAM 15

1884-O $1 RPM-011 = VAM 21

1884-O $1 RPM-014

1885-S $1 RPM-001

1886-S $1 RPM-001

1887-S $1 RPM-001 = VAM 2

1892-CC $1 RPM-001

1898-S $1 RPM-003

1900-O $1 OMM-001 = VAM 7, 10

1900-O $1 OMM-002 = VAM 8

1900-O $1 OMM-004 = VAM 11

1900-O $1 OMM-005 = VAM 12

1902-O $1 RPM-001 = VAM 8

1904-O $1 RPM-001

1$ Gold
1856-S $1G RPM-001 1889 $1G DDR-001

5$ Gold
1846-D $5G RPM-001

1848-D $5G RPM-001

1886-S $5G RPM-001

1894-S $5G RPM-001
1901-S $5G RPM-001

1901-S $5G RPM-002

1905-S $5G RPM-001

1911-S $5G RPM-001

10$ Gold
1889-S $10G RPM-001 & DDR-001

1891-CC $10G RPM-001
1909-S $10G RPM-001

1910-S $10G RPM-001

20$ Gold
1891-S $20G RPM-001
1911-D $20G RPM-001

Classic Commemorative Halves
1915-S Pan Pac 50c RPM-001

1915-S Pan Pac 50c RPM-002

1934-D Oregon Trail DDR-001

1936-D Arkansas DDR-001 & RPM-001
1936-D San Diego DDO-001 & RPM-001

1938-D Oregon RPM-001

1938-D Texas RPM-001

1952-D Washington-Carver RPM-001

Modern Commemorative Dollars
2004-P Lewis & Clark $1 DDR-001

2019-P Apollo 11 $1 DDO-001 (Business Strike)

2019-P Apollo 11 $1 DDO-002 (Proof)

Commemorative Gold
1915-S Pan Pac $1G RPM-001 1984-W $10G DDO-001

Gold Bullion
1986 $50G AGE DDR-001

Silver Bullion
1992-S $1 ASE DDR-001 2011 $1 ASE DDO-001

Mint Medal RPMs
George Washington

Benjamin Harrison

Millard Fillmore
Warren Harding

John Tyler

U.S. Territorial Issue RPMs
Australia 3 Pence 1942-D RPM-001
1942-S RPM-001
1943-D RPM-001
1943-D RPM-002

Australia 6 Pence 1942-D RPM-001
1942-D RPM-002
1942-D RPM-003
1942-D RPM-004
1942-S RPM-001
1943-D RPM-001
1943-D RPM-002
1943-D RPM-003
1943-D RPM-004
1943-S RPM-001

Australia Shilling 1943-S RPM-001
1943-S RPM-002

Curacao 1/10 Gulden 1944-D RPM-001

Philippines 1 Centavo 1908-S RPM-001
1908-S RPM-002
1911-S RPM-001

Philippines 10 Centavo 1917-S RPM-001
1944-D RPM-001
1944-D RPM-002
1944-D RPM-003
1944-D RPM-004
1944-D RPM-005
1944-D RPM-006
1944-D RPM-007
1945-D RPM-001
1945-D RPM-002
1945-D RPM-003

Philippines 20 Centavo 1913-S RPM-001
1944-D RPM-001
1945-D RPM-001
1945-D RPM-002

1944-D/S OMM-001
1944-D/S OMM-002
1944-D/S OMM-003
1944-D/S OMM-004

Philippines 50 Centavo 1945-S RPM-001

1918-S IMM-001
CONECA maintains these RPM Listings as part of its ownership of
The RPM Book.

Most of its doubled die listings for the 19th century material were released to the specialty clubs around those series.

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