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Published: Oct 2022 Last Update: 10/4/2022 by James Wiles, Ph.D.

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elcome to the next free online E-Book. This E-Book covers the BAR Nickel Die Errors. This E-Book represents the FIRST comprehensive study of the BAR Nickel.  It documents 177 different BAR Nickel dies from 1938 to 1966.  All are photographed in the pages ahead.

This E-Book is complete.

Attribution Tips:
1.  Count the number of bars on your coin.
2.  Notice the letters and numbers with bars.
3.  Compare the size, shape, and placement of the bars to the attribution guide.
4.  When a potential match is found, check for the die markers.

Warning Tips:
1.  Beware of circulation damage which might mimic a bar.
2.  Check for rim bumps, which can move metal on the face of the coin.
3.  Check for laminations, which can show raised metal.
4.  Heavy circulation can wear down the rim to suggest a bar is present, when it is not.


A BAR Nickel set of die errors has yet to be completed.

Maybe you'll be the first!

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