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"Hot Lips" Roosevelt Dime Study







Definition:  Doubled lips on the Roosevelt Dime due to die clashing.

Characteristics:  The secondary doubled lips are inside the design parameters. 

1.  In other words, the outside set of lips are consistent in distance with the strongest hubbing.  See the first set of overlays below.
     This can usually and most easily be seen by tracing the vertical separation line north from the inside upper lip. 
     It will divide the distance between the inner and outer nostril. See photo with arrows below.

2.  To date, all examples of "hot lips" have been found on coins with die clashes.  See the second set of overlays below.

3.  From a search of 638 dimes from 1946-1970, no "hot lips" were discovered that did not also have remnants of die clashing.

4.  The 1946 HL-002 has an earlier die state with a light die clash, but without doubled lips. 
     However, the "hot lips" on this specimen are rather ill defined.
     This is as close to a "smoking gun" as we currently have to prove that these are a result of die clashing and not from hub doubling.

5.  I don't understand the physics of how a die clash could produce the doubled lips.
     However, the preponderance of evidence leans heavily in that direction.
     What else could account for the fact that NO known examples of "hot lips" exist without also having remnants of die clashing?

6.  Class VIII (tilted hub doubling) is the proposed alternative.
     I have catalogued close to a thousand such doubled dies.  They are all unique in their doubling.
     To be sure, they affect a small area, but the angle of the tilt, the pressure of the hubbing, and the time of the snap back, combine to make them unique.
     The doubling on these "hot lips" dimes are similar not only in location but also as to how the design is doubled.


Photos of "Hot Lips"
Overlay of a normal coin over a "Hot Lips"
aligned to show that the outer lips match the design
Overlay of a normal coin over a "Hot Lips"
aligned to show that the inner lips do not match the design
Arrows pointing to the division line from the upper lip
Overlay of Reverse over Obverse aligned
with the clash die to show that the olive falls between the lips
Overlay of Reverse over Obverse
aligned with the clash die on the nose
1946 HL-001 1946 HL-002 / DDO-011 1946 HL-003
1946-D HL-001 / RPM-004 1948-D HL-001 / RPM-001 1952-D HL-001 / RPM-002
A triple set of lips
1953-D HL-001 1953-S HL-001 1957 HL-001 / DDR-001
Could be from abrasion rather than clashing, but remnants of a clash are present
1964 HL-001 1964-D HL-001 1965 HL-001
1965 HL-002    
Photos of  Hub Doubled lips
1946-D DDO-012 1960 DDO-002  
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