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Vol. 2: 1945-1998
1950-S DDR-003, 3-R-III
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Die Stages
Description: Medium spread on leaves above the wreath especially in front of arrow points, arrow points, tail feathers, eagle's feet and talons, and eagle's upper head and beak.
Reported by: Gary Shaffstall

FS-801. RDV-001 / RDV-002.
Stage C Photos
Die Crack on Wing under UNITED Eagle's Head Die Crack from US to Wing
Arrow Points Left Talon Right Talon
Left Leaves Left Upper Leaves Right Upper Leaves
Left Lower Leaves
Left Stem Mintmark Right Stem
Die Crack from Wing to Q Die Scratches behind Head Die Scratches behind Head
Die Stage and Markers Chart
Die Stages and Markers
UVC-0738 DMR-004 Stage A: EDS (unconfirmed)
Stage B: Numerous die scratches North-South on Reverse – MDS
Numerous die scratches North-South on Obverse – MDS
Stage C: Die crack from US of PLURIBUS to wing – LMDS
Die crack from lower first S of STATES down eagle's Right wing to QU of QUARTER
Obverse is LMDS
Stage D: LDS (unconfirmed)

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